We design things

White Stripe Studio provides a range of design solutions which will convey industry-leading attributes to your brand, not only in messaging, but in visual and interactive sophistication.

We offer our clients with their brand, products, or services not only to benchmark against competitors, but to lead the category in the quality of its online & offline presence. Whether you are an enterprise, a local service or product development and distribution company, an independent software vendor or and advertisement agency, we are flexible in establishing appropriate processes and develop efficient partnership.


User experience (UX) design
& usability consulting

White Stripe offers to its clients services from usability assessment to interaction design, we design user experiences for most technologies and platforms.

Software usability assessment

We evaluate your products or services from usability perspective, and provide solutions with strategy improvement.

UX strategy development

Analysis of current situation and development of organization's design strategy. Handling questions as: you have multiple products from different sources and you need to aligh experiences, you need to redesign a product with thousands of existing customers in mind, etc.

Interaction design, wireframing & prototyping

We create a prototype on shortest terms to test design solutions which ensures a timely delivery of a final interface which will cover required needs.


User Interface(UI) design
for web & mobile

White Stripe Studio designs interfaces that can be quickly implemented and are easy to use through the industry design process.

Web design

We create B2B and B2C websites with accent on intuitive interface, multi-browser support and mobile compatibility (responsive design for PC, mobile and tablet versions).

Software UI design

Whether you need web, desktop or a mobile application, we will design an interface which will consolidate your business and customer needs with project objectives. Our experience in UI covers multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows) in various industries (Consumer services, Healthcare, Education, etc.)


Visual communications,
brand & identity design

We help companies to create and evolve brands that resonate with target audience and create advantages on the market.

Brand design (logo and corporate identity)

From the big picture to the smallest details we design visual system that is flexible and applicable to work over different environments whether it is a logo, website, and app, or a physical environment.

Brand book development

We will provide guidelines on how to build and advance your new brand.

Collateral materials design

Including prints, brochures, flyers, business cards, etc.

Graphical & Packaging design services