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We are a team with years of experience in the industry's leading companies. We will pave the way for your new idea or help breathe new life into an existing one.

The diversity of our views mixes design with marketing strategies that result in a cost effective solution rather than indulging in self-expression. Here at White Stripe we will work with you whether you're a big fish, or a one man operation... or both! For us, your size truly does not matter.


Boris Ivanov - Lead designer

Boris Ivanov

Creative Director

Olga Milovich - Lead artist

Olga Milovich

Lead artist

Iurii Ostashevskiy

Iurii Ostashevskiy

Sales & client partner


User Experience

We focus on interaction design to ensure that our solutions are useful, usable and desirable.


White Stripe creative team develops brand experience in order for your business and marketing goals to be successful.


We build web products that are fast, search engine friendly and device compatible.

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We study and analyse your business model and your customers.


We design a solution with purpose to fit your business needs


We develop a product considering project objectives


Your solution is being tested by real users from your target group and based on their feedback we adjust the design.